Our team addresses the End-to-End Refining Services Lifecycle, providing assistance for improvement and optimization projects, as well as on-going support of client staff, by providing embedded resources. The expertise we provide spans a wide functional and technical scope: from Program Management, to specific knowledge of Refining Work Processes and supporting tools.

We begin by establishing a Program Roadmap.


ZeoNet performs Strategic Alignment activities and builds the Business Case. We analyze the Organizational Architecture and identify Key Stakeholders, establishing the level of involvement, project milestones and technical solutions, to arrive at a successful Program for each client.


When the Program is defined, our resources provide expertise in System Implementation, Work Process Development & Training, Project Design & Development and Organizational & Personnel Effectiveness. We also provide ongoing Support & Outsourcing Services.


ZeoNet provides complete solutions for each client, including: Supply Chain Optimization, Material Balance & Loss Management, Technical & Commercial Performance Monitoring, Logistics & Risk Management, Commercial Systems Implementation, and Custom Design & Engineering.


PMRC (Performance Management and Reporting Center) is an innovative refinery and petrochemical performance management system designed by Zeonet. A key element of this solution is that it focuses on proactive performance monitoring through standard activities grouped in monitoring plans that can be set up by the clients to meet their needs. Read More.


Our team consists of some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry. ZeoNet's core competencies range from Information Technology and System Implementation to Program Governance, Change Management and Marketing. Our team understands how a refinery works; they routinely integrate processes, data and systems effectively and sustainably.

Founder / CEO

Rony’s vision for ZeoNet is to provide the right expertise at the right time and at the right price to assist Oil & Gas Downstream clients to improve their profitability. His goal is to provide a comprehensive and fit for purpose set of skills to his clients, whether for a small strategy study or a large system implementation.  The specific field of interest is the Hydrocarbon Supply Chain, from Crude Oil Evaluation and Acquisition to Refined Product Distribution, where he has spent all of his career.  This field is notorious for presenting the biggest challenges for data accuracy and integration, and can lead to important margin leaks.  He has assembled teams of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds who have contributed to the success of many client programs and projects globally.  He provides these teams consistent updated information about the latest methods and information technology solutions that have proven effective.  He makes certain everyone truly teams with the client to achieve all goals and objectives.  Rony’s proven leadership and expertise, coupled with his commitment and availability to the client at all times, has established ZeoNet as a leader in a highly competitive arena worldwide.

Rony has focused his professional career in serving clients in the Oil & Gas industry. He has held key roles and leadership positions in Oil & Gas Refining Management with Fina (now TOTAL), and in management with IT firms including Bonner & Moore (now Honeywell), PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Accenture, prior to creating ZeoNet in 2000.  Through the years he has gained invaluable knowledge of the history of support applications in the industry (linear programming and optimization, scheduling, material balancing, performance optimization) and various methods of implementation.  He knows what works and what does not work.

Rony has a M.S. degree in Business Administration and a PhD. in Chemistry from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium.

Director / Management Consulting

Tom brings a wide variety of practical experience from the refining and petrochemical industries in business management, optimization, supply chain management, and operations.  He began his career in petrochemical operations as a production engineer in ethylene crackers and the associated downstream units.  After installing rigorous real time optimization systems he became interested in optimization, focusing on market pricing and linear programming.  

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After a few years spent in business analysis developing market analytics and longer term strategy, he held business management roles in polyethylene supply.  His most recent business management role was as a distillates trader for an independent refiner, where he focused on opening avenues into export markets and capturing market movements via timely execution of proven trading strategies.

As a consultant Tom brings practical market based solutions to customers, focused on improving variable margin through smarter execution.  Tom has a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.

Director / Information Technology

Rick is a Information Technology Director for ZeoNet with a background in all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle and Total Cost of Ownership. He currently oversees the Supply Chain technology initiatives for an East Coast oil refinery. He delivered a number of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) programs in both petrochemicals and Discrete Manufacturing that included forays into BPM / MDM / Data Governance.

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His previous successful efforts include the consolidation of Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES / MOM) into ERP (SAP) for Q-Chem, a polyethylene joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, and a Supply Chain integration program at HP.  Rick studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) before receiving a B.S. degree in Computer Science at the California State Polytechnic University – Pomona.

Planning & Scheduling Application Manager
David has extensive experience working in the petroleum, chemical, consumer goods, and paper industries.  He has been involved in a range of activities including the design and development of computer software applications, design and development of process control applications, process engineering design, development and support of computer‑based decision support systems, computer modeling…

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linear program model development and optimization, planning and scheduling systems and support, and additional computer based engineering work. He has worked extensively with clients in analyzing computer support and application requirements, definition of business applications needs, selection of appropriate application software, development of application solutions, and software implementation.  As a consultant, David has worked as a client engineer representing the client’s interests in the development of application specifications, identification of vendors, vendor selection, project management, project implementation, and project startup.  He advises clients on the selection, application, and use of supply chain planning products and tools. His focus on planning & scheduling, process engineering, change management, and measurable process improvement is invaluable to clients. David has a B.S degree in Chemistry from the University of South Dakota, and a M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Refining Consultant

Marinelly specializes in Refining Economics and Planning & Optimization. She has in-depth knowledge of Mathematical Programming, Linear Programming and Refining Processes. She has demonstrated organizational and management skills as Planning Leader and Project Manager for clients globally. Marinelly is also experienced in Technology and software selection, conceptual Engineering and Cost Engineering.

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She has developed and maintained LP Models for single and multi-refineries. She has implemented technologies to support decision-making in process planning, improving profit margins in the Hydrocarbon Value Chain.  Marinelly has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Simon Bolivar, and a M.S. degree in Science & Operational Research from the University of London, London Business School.  She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Software Development Manager

Tony serves as Software Development Manager and Project Engineer for ZeoNet. He is experienced in full life cycle of information technology projects including Business Analysis, Project Estimation, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Training. He assists clients with systems implementation, software development, enterprise application integration, and project management including defining the full cycle of project planning and implementation.

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Tony is responsible for product development and implementation, enhancement, and integration projects. He develops applications including Planning and Scheduling, Order Management, Oil Movements and Inventory Management, Mass Balance and Yield Accounting, Ship Loading and Unloading, Laboratory and Quality Control, Blending, Process Historian, Operator Logbook, Computerized Maintenance Management System, Reliability and Asset Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Integration Platform. His clients have included Shell, ConocoPhillips, PDVSA, BP, and Petrozuata. Tony has a B.S. degree in Computer Science Engineering from the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela.

Change Manager / Attorney

Kimberlin serves as the ZeoNet Change Manager. She has extensive experience in the global oil and gas industry.  Her functional experience in Organizational Change Management includes: Communication Planning and Strategy, Leadership Training and Development and Business Stakeholder Engagement.  She is a licensed Attorney and strong analytic with outstanding communication and problem solving skills for business initiatives impacting organizational structures, processes, roles and behaviors.

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She enjoys working in collaborative work environments to support leadership and stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a project in order to sustain capability and accelerate the commitment to change. Kimberlin received a B.S. at University of Texas at Austin, and Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

Senior Process Engineer

Richard is a Senior Process Engineer with diversified and progressive Operational and Reliability experience in over 14 refineries and chemical plants. He has demonstrated expertise in improving the organization’s  skills and knowledge, resulting in improved performance. Richard is particularly effective in developing and applying systems to assess and provide solutions to complex operational, technical and organizational problems, resulting in improved reliability, availability, utilization and increased revenue. He has a B.S. in Chemistry, Biology and Chemical Engineering from Washington State University.

Consulting Engineer
Marc, based in Paris, France has extensive experience in Downstream and Upstream Oil & Gas industries, Chemicals and Petrochemicals. This includes practical experience in gas plants, oil refineries, on shore oil and gas fields, ethylene plants, GTL and LNG plants. He manages large real time decision support systems for the oil and gas industry, and application of advanced Information technologies to industrial processes.

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He specializes in the use of near infrared spectroscopy, computerized scheduling for oil refineries, and remote operations of oil and gas fields. Marc provides consulting services to ZeoNet clients for decision support systems, e-field, Accounting, Supply Chain Performance Monitoring, and Quality Management.  He is an Associate Professor both with IFP Training on optimal scheduling and with Paris Electronics Engineering School (ECE) on Energy Management. Marc has a M.S. Chemistry from Ecole Nationale Superierure Chimie de Paris and B.S. Langue Russe from CNED.

Senior Refining Strategist

Bob serves as Senior Refining Program Manager for ZeoNet.  His assistance and problem solving includes economic, market, and technical evaluations of new or incremental capacity additions and improving operational, business or management systems to reduce operating cost, improve reliability, and increasing gross margin for clients.  Areas of emphasis for existing refineries include the planning process, feedstock selection, and optimization of plant operation.  

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Focus areas for planned refineries include market analysis, configuration, and strategy to develop and build the refinery.  While at CITGO, he directed special projects, refinery optimization improvement, capital investment, strategic divestures and an assessment of the company’s lubricants business.  Bob has previously managed the CITGO refineries outside of Chicago and in Lake Charles, Louisiana, before becoming Vice President of Refining, where he oversaw the business and operations of all three CITGO refineries with a combined refining capacity of 820,000 barrels per day and 2,500 employees. Bob has an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlton School of Business,  and a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


The invention of the first zeolite catalyst in the 1960’s for use in gasoline manufacturing revolutionized the process and continues to do so as more efficient catalysts are developed today. As the origin of the name ZeoNet, a contraction of “zeolite” and “network” refers to this significant event in the history of industrial and chemical engineering. Our network of experts serves as a catalyst for transformation. The image shown here represents the remarkable molecular structure of zeolite.

This 3D reciprocal lattice of a zeolite catalyst was reconstructed from 1450 electron diffraction frames collected by Rotation Electron Diffraction (RED). More than 8000 reflections were collected. The structure could be solved from the RED data.


ZeoNet manages projects from end-to-end, but could begin engagement at various stages of projects between initiation, implementation or support. We offer assistance ranging from multi-disciplinary teams, to smaller teams of consultants, depending on project requirements.


ZeoNet operates globally, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas at One Riverway, Suite 1700.


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